IT experts are known to have confirmed the loss of 2,000 votes that went missing in many divisions of Negeri Sembilan and Melaka during the time of PKR election. They have said that it was because of the inability to store the data through cloud storage due to weak internet access.

Rashid Din, the PKR central election committee chairman who made the announcement in the time of the session for presenting the e-voting system of the division is also known to have dismissed claims by the one who seemed to be abusing the committee of manipulating and hiding data.

According to him, five IT experts comprising of PKR’s top leadership representative, independent experts, and experts from the Institut Darul Ehsan had confirmed the matter unanimously.  The weak internet accessed is known to have been acknowledged by experts. It has led to unreadable voting data that couldn’t be sent to cloud storage. This is the reason online votes had been lost. He said that adding the findings is going to be tabled in the meeting for determining the next course of action.

In order to be fair, the first idea is to hold a re-election prior to the PKR congress. Irrespective of full or in part, they are going to discuss it in the meeting. He asked them to avoid repeating the issue, JPP is going to be the direct duplicate storage of the ballot which is stored through the cloud and also in the computer tablet while the voting process is made offline or online.

He has acknowledged that they have faced some technical problems in the polling process. However, he said that the committee has remained quite confident that e-voting system is the best.  There have been some attempts to hack into the e-voting system during the time of the election at Melaka but the system is considered to be sage as they use their own hackers for preventing hacking activities.


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