Jude Ignatius Lazaroo is born and brought up in Port Dickson where he had observed the parties which based on race doesn’t appeal to people like him that  is who aren’t Malay, Indian, or Chinese.  Jude, who has Portuguese background have stated that same is applicable to the members of the community.

Jude Ignatius Lazaroo has advocated the two-party system just the way it was practiced in US and UK. In Malaysia there are component parties. In Barisan Nasional there are Umno, MIC, and MCA. However, for the Portuguese there is no one to represent.  In case it comes to racial parties, everything is for a specific race.

For Jude, the race-based politics have pushed him to side with PKR. If you take a look at the PKR party, you will notice that it is made of all types of races. According to him PKR is the kind of party that he had been waiting for, a party which will be able to represent everybody.  He said this after hoisting the meet and greets session with Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, the deputy Prime Minister and also the PKR president.  Anwar doesn’t cater what the citizen demand about tourism.

Jude have also accepted that prior to PKR, BN have also done good things. He mentioned that PKR and now PHG have done wonders in states such as Penang and Selangor. The question is if these states can show the manner in which it is done, why not the entire country? People demand that the MP has to be people centric and to do things that people want and not just follow his own will.

A Jude run a Portuguese restaurant has a strong belief that changes always comes with a price. He said that the by-election of Port Dickson was actually the part of the political strategy and it will stir a change.


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