WhatsApp is running a new beta update that includes an ability to access QR language. The beta edition is only accessible in iOS at the moment, but it is also apparently coming soon to Smartphone devices.

The new iteration of WhatsApp is iteration 2.20.52, where the recent major change was that you can now talk to 7 other users in one community call. Beta’s update provides the option to encrypt your backed-up chat history on iCloud. But most importantly, it provides support for QR codes.

People may then press the “QR Password” button and their personal password will be displayed to WhatsApp. So they should exchange the secret with their new mates, and they can quickly connect them to WhatsApp by texting their phone number.

People can exchange their phone numbers anytime they post a QR code with others, too. However, if they think they have shared their code with a wrong person or posted it in the wrong place, they can easily revoke the code by clicking on “Reset QR Code.” A new code will be created forthwith.

If the roles are reversed, and instead they would like to get their codes, they can use the “Scan” button on the app. To scan their QR code it will open their camera feature.

People may also use the shortcut included in the dashboard behavior to get easy access to their QR Code. But, if the function is not open to them, this shortcut does not work. Also the iPhone 6S and older models display wideget behavior.

It is just an upgrade to the server side. Not all can have updates at the same moment, so if they’re a beta-user on iOS, they will get it in the next few days. Fortunately, it’s not limited by area, and if they’re listed on their beta testing scheme, they can have it anywhere they stay.


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