A PKR leader from Sarawak has said that Mohamed Azmin Ali has a better chance of securing support from the members of state PKR than the rival for the post of deputy president, Rafizi Ramli. Speaking about the future party polls to FMT, the Youth Chief of Sarawak PKR, Rafiddin Majidi , have mentioned that Azmin is quite popular in the state due to his consistent support for the Sarawak PKR, especially in the last general state election.

When they had asked for help from the headquarters, they didn’t reply. Azmin took the initiative to arrange the manpower and logistical support. Majidi states that Rafizi is famous on social media and they cannot deny the contributions that he has made to the party. According to him many senior party members and leaders in the state have mentioned that they are going to vote for Azmon even if they are not aligned to him. As far as the post of the deputy president is concerned, most of the people are going to prefer Azmin. For the other posts, it is going to depend on the individuals.

On the controversial remarks of Azmin in the Parliament that 20% of the royalty has been promised by Pakatan Harapan is based on the profit instead of the gross revenue. According to Rafiddin, this is not going to be a primary factor in the polls of the party. What’s more important is that the government will be able to deliver the manifesto promises within 5 years.

The PKR division in Kuching’s Chief Simon Siah has told FMT that even though Rafizi had the help of the new members, more than 52,000 of the members are in support of Azmin. He stated that both Azmin and the ally he has are quite popular in Sarawak due to their frequent visit to the state for helping out the party members there.


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