PKR’s, Datuk Adam Rosly Abdullah challenged fellow party member Rafizi Ramil to disclose the details of his assets. Rafizi responded immediately to the eccentricity of Adam Rosly by displaying the spreadsheet that contained information about his income sources as well as the expenditures of his two NGO’s INVOKE and NOW.

Rafizi, later on, stated that he is not obliged to deal with the vagary of Rosly as Rosly has been suspended from his post; however, being a public servabt it is his duty to make the matters clear.

Rafizi specified that the total income of INVOKE till 30th April was RM2,780,652. Among which RM787,049 has been given from his own pocket. Also, over RM1 million has been obtained from public contributions. He added that in order to foot the bill for INVOKE every month; Rafizi disclosed that he used his own salary and credit card in order to meet the funds.

Rafizi stated that INVOKE Malaysia and the National Oversight and Whistleblowers Centre (NOW) are registered companies. It is registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia. Hence, people could easily check out details about the companies’ finances at any point of time.

He stated that the expenditure of INVOKE till 30th April was RM2,394,440. Among this amount, a huge part of it was used to pay the monetary compensation of 80 full-time employees. NOW doesn’t have any source of income or expenditure for 2016 and 2017 as they didn’t have any events lined up.

Adam on earlier occasion showed his anxiety over the ongoing collection of public funds for NOW and INVOKE. He added that it’s very baffling that Rafizi didn’t divulge the source of fund for his NGO’s and demanded the opposition to divulge the details of their asset. Hence he was forced to challenge Rafizi.


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