The owner of a nearby restaurant has finally agreed to move out after several months of protests by Vista Mutiara condominium residents.

Due to violation of Section 425 (1) of the National Land Code 1965, the Federal Territory Land and Mines Department had issued a notice dated Aug 23 to the restaurant owner to vacate the site within 14 days or by Sept 6.

However, the restaurant owner asked the residents to give him until October to move out. As proof of his intention to vacate, he showed them a tenancy agreement he signed with the owner of the new location.

 Speaking on behalf of the residents, Kepong Community Service Centre head Yee Poh Ping Yee said, they were willing to give him the extra time requested.

 “Customers of the restaurant tend to park haphazardly along the road, creating a blindspot which is dangerous for motorists, ” said Yee, adding that the restaurant was located on government land.

Drivers tend to double-park although parking space was available to further away, resident Teow Chen Ho, 67, said. It was reported that Yee had first lodged a report on behalf of the residents with Kuala Lumpur City Hall on the matter on November 2018.

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