KUALA LUMPUR – Foreign news network Al Jazeera has insisted today that the documentary “101 East” did not require a National Film Development Corporation (Finas) license before being produced.

According  to Al Jazeera, from Malaysia’s National Film Development Corporation’s own definition the documentary series does not fall into the category of film requiring a license.

The news agency said that since the authorties were unable to contest the integrity of the their journalism,  the government are now claiming they don’t have the proper license.

On Monday, Finas asserted that the company does not hold the necessary license to produce a film or even air the documentary.

Al Jazeera drew critcism not just from the government but also from Malaysians claiming the store were biased and misleading.

Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah said that if Finas claim is true then the lack of license is a clear offense as you need a permission from Finas to be able to film and produce the docuseries.

Saifuddin also confirmed that the Information Department will cancel the new agency’s accreditation if it was found to have breached some violations.

Under Section 25 of the same Act, it provides a punishment of RM50,000 maximum fine with jail term or both for any individual who convicted of an offence.

Finas primary focus include the development of the film industry, and the regulation and control, distribution and exhibition of films in Malaysia 

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