Amidst discussions over the implementation of a campaign ‘buy Muslim-made products first’ in Malaysia, Perlis Mufti Datuk Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin has asked for it not to lead to a division amongst Malaysians.

The campaign has led to a systematic boycott of non-Muslim businesses.

The religious leader has therefore said that this thought process does not help the Malaysian economy improve.

“Although there are significant anti-Muslim attitudes especially among politicians, not all non-Muslims are like that. Some of them have good relations and have respect for the Muslim community. Islam does not teach us to hate those who do not,” he said in his Facebook page recently.

The pro- Muslim campaign might lead to ‘racial polarization’, the Democratic Actions Party (DAP) lawmaker Ramkarpal Singh has reportedly commented on Monday speaking out against boycotts of non-Muslim goods.

Urging an immediate end to such boycotts, Mr. Ramkarpal, the Member of Parliament for Bukit Gelugor, has also said that the campaign serves no useful purpose and will only divide Malaysians.

Speaking on the boycott, Asri has reportedly said that “boycotts are going to be tough as some key products required by Muslims are not produced by the Muslims themselves.”

Calls for the boycott originated from the Islamic Consumers Association of Malaysia’s suggestion to the Islamic Development Department on August 23, when they said halal certificates should be issued in the native language of the product’s manufacturers so that consumers can identify if they are Muslim or otherwise.


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