Anwar Ibrahim, the Malaysian Reformist had been jailed twice in the year 1998 in the politically charged prosecutions have confirmed his return to politics frontline on Monday when he had been sworn as the lawmaker.

The country commentariat had been eyeing the parliamentary proceedings as Anwar as Anwar took over his in in the government of the legislature benches along with Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad who have booted him two decades ago from cabinet over to corruption to sodomy allegations.

The parliamentary return of Anwar is the lastest milestone in the coalition of Pakatan Harapan plan for succeeding Mahathir as the prime minister 2 years from now.  Anwar insisted that for now he didn’t want the role in the cabinet or put a distinctive timeline son the elevation as the prime minister, irrespective of the speculation of the emerging power struggle against Mahathir.

As they are allies once again, 2 men sat opposite the former Prime Minister, Najib Razak and also the Mahathir protégé who have been toppled in the general election of 9th May and is a part of the opposition. Najib is going to trial on corruption charges which are related to the scandal which have rocked the sovereign wealth fund.

The swearing ceremony has coincided with the new meeting opening of the parliament, the second time it convened the watershed polls.  Proceedings which are being closely watched for the main policy moves that the Mahathir government can make. The session is going to see the administrative repeal, colonial-era Sedition which are used by previous administration for muzzling the opposition and also abolish the death penalty.

It is going to unveil the budget of 2019 budget of the 5 year review of economic strategy which had been previously set by Najib. A foreign policy is also set for the debate.


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