Port Dickson’s Pakatan Harapan candidate has made a surprise appearance at the award ceremony for the veterans of the army. Mohamad Sabu, the Defense Minister was presenting the army veterans with Malaysian Service Medal at Army Museum Port Dickinson that was located inside the town’s army camp.  Anwar turned up at the museum at 4:20pm without announcing. However, he had previously indicated that he will make visit the event.

Mohamad Sabu, the Defense Minister told the retired members of Batallion that the welfare of the veterans is going to be taken care of in case the MP of Port Dickson becomes the Prime Minister.  He says that if the MP of the areas turns out to be the Prime Minister then they will try to solve all the welfare issues and grievances, even if they are unable to promise heart of mosquitoes and golden pots.  Malaysian service medal was being presented to the veterans by Mohamad at Port Dickson’s Army Museum. Anwar Ibrahim sat in the front row while making unannounced stop at the event during this campaign trail.

Later on, when the journalists asked him, he denied using public resources for campaigning for Anwar in the capacity as the defense minister.  Amanah president said that he is going to campaign for the medal ceremony by pointing towards the veterans who had assembled there from across the country and not simply Port Dickson.

In the meantime, Mohamad also stated that it is completely up to MACC to decide if RM500, 000 allocations for greater home renovation of the armed forces personal in Port Dickson will consist of the election bribe. He contended this since the allocation had been given out during poling day of by-election that will take place on October 13. There was an announcement from the Defense Ministry on 21st September on the same day when Anwar announced that he is going to contest for Port Dickson.


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