ATM, the The Malaysian Armed Forces have defended a directive for stopping the use of light-hearted Malay folk pantum or poetry at an official military function. However, it has said that it wasn’t sidelining the local customs and culture.

It has said that the directive which is issues to the army, air force, and navy was actually aimed to ensure the military protocols of the armed forces by adding that it was to be an internal reminder to the emcees not to be a part of pantuns and jokes during the time of formal functions.

The armed forced have said in a statement that ATM’s are actually formal in function and are regimental in nature. It has to be carried out with respect and in an orderly manner maintaining military etiquette.  This has come after a social media user shared a copy of the circular which was issued by Kamalruzaman Mohd Othman, the air force chief banning the use of the pantuns in the official military functions.

ATM stated that the ban have been applied to events which are attended by Malay rulers and Yang Di-Pertuan Agong during formal programs and parades which is held by army, navy, and air force.

ATM still offers latitude on the use of gurindam, pantum, and seloka in the non-formal setting which are less regimental, such as during the time of get-togethers with the family members and also sporting events. The Malaysian Armed Forces


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