On October 17th, Malaysian Economic Affairs Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali stated that the present economic situation of his nation is not favorable for restoring the so-called project crooked-bridge which was to link Johor and Singapore. This statement of Azmin came immediately after reports of Johor’s Chief Minister Osman Sapian hinting about renewing the project that was first proposed by Dr Mahathir Mohamad during his first stretch as prime minister.

The original concept of the bridge required a six-lane highway which would bend in such a way that vessel could travel under it. However, the project was abandoned by Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on becoming the prime minister. Ahmad was the successor of Dr Mahathir.

During the Editors Media Briefing on the 11th Malaysia Plan Mid Term review, Azmin informed reporters that the fiscal condition of Malaysia is not great for investing in infrastructures. Malaysia needs to give precedence to Malaysia’s own infrastructure projects.

Azmin added that he is hopeful about Johor’s state government bringing up this issue at the federal level. Once Malaysia repost the proposal, the ministry would investigate the matter and see if Malaysia has the competency to continue with the project under the present situation. The ministry might even consider a point when the situation becomes favorable for them.

Azmin added that Malaysia’s first preference would be projects that would be helpful for the people of the country.


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