Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali, the PKR deputy President is leaving it to the judgement of the members to decide if they still want him to be the party leader for the future polls. He says that he is depending on his report card where the members will be able to evaluate the performance of the party for 20 years. He mentioned that he is going to take the future party elections with pride. He stated it as something that they had to go through.

Azmin mentions that he believes in the judgement of the party members. According to him, they need a strong leader who has already been tested in the pressure and someone who will be able to strengthen the unity. Moreover, he has to be inclusive with his approach. Hence, he is there to retain his present position.

In his statement, he mentions that he has been in the party for 20 years and that is nothing new. The party members know him and are aware of his track record. Thus, he offers his report card for evaluation. In case they decide to keep him and ask him to lead the party, he will feel grateful and will thank the party members.

Azmin is also the assemblyman of Bukit Antarabangsa and he had met with the sidelines of the State Legislative Assembly of Selangor that is sitting presently. Azmin is the Economic Affairs Minister is going to contest against Rafixi Ramli for the number 2 post of the party.

On some other case, Azmin stated that he believes that the Chamber of the Attorney General is going to give an explanation on Lim Guang Eng, the Finance Minister who had been acquitted for the corruption charges by Penang High Court. He thinks that AGC will provide an explanation to avoid misinterpretation that can damage the general perception towards AGC’s institution.


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