Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali is known to have confirmed that Cabinet has formed a committee for reviewing the underground contract which had been awarded to MMC Gamuda for the Mass Rapid Transit 2 project.

The decision had been taken by the Cabinet had that on the sidelines of China Conference of Morning Post of South China. He had been responding to the query on if he had been one of the ministers who tasked the review the project’s underground portion.

He states that he doesn’t want to stop all projects as it is going to have an impact on the economic growth on a domestic level. In this contest, they will re-examine on the mentioned project for reducing the cost and is going to scrutinize it. There is so much need. As per him, they want to check the costing of the project and also the details of the project. Their aim is to project the workers. They do not plan on holding the project and want to decide as soon as possible.

Azmin has added that the national debt is quite huge and the government is going to continue focusing on the sustainable growth of the economy. Thus, they want to invest in the education, productive infrastructure, and technology. All these should continue.

As per the reports, the Cabinet is going to set up a committee which will comprise of 4 ministers for the revisiting the underground contract which had been awarded to MMC-Gamuda for MRT 2 project. According to sources, the 4 members of the committee are Minister of Works Baru Bian, Loke, Minister of Finance Lim Guan Eng, Transport Minister Anthony, and Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali.

The shares are Gamuda is known to have rebounded with the hope that these impasses might be solved.