The battle in between Rafizi Ramli and Datuk Seri Azmin Ali for the deputy presidency have seen a strange twist in latter’s power base. Azmin is known to have scored a considerable psychological boost simply by gaining more votes from this division from the number two post of the party.  Azmin have secured 715 votes against 508 of Rafizi.

Around 1,800 out of the 6,500 members of the division have e-voted today. Haniza have claimed that there are around 395 votes which are still to be tabulated into the overall result. In case the Mohamad Shaukhi’s and Nor Hayati’s are combined, it will surpass Rafizi’s vote.  The close fight in between Rafizi and Azmin seems to have reached a boiling point in the last leg of the voting process.

Tensions rose the voters were frustrated with the long delay in voting process of Pandan.  The final phase of the election process of PKR in Selangor that has the maximum number of members are eligible to vote at 249,850 had been held at 6 of the 22 divisions in the state. The eligible members have gathered at 9 am holding the banners of the respective camps. However, they had to wait for 2 hours when the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council Hall voting enter in Taman Cempaka had opened at 10:40.

Each of the groups had been engaged in the shouting match. Around noon, a scuffle had broken out in between Datin Faizah Ariffin, the wide of Kapar MP Datuk Abdullah Sani and also an unidentified supporter. Faizah who had been vying for the Wanita vice-presidency of PKR had been seen shouting as both of them pointed at each other. Faizah when approached said  that she felt like shooting away the members who wanted to make chaos and provoke.


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