Irrespective of the postponement of the election of PKR in the Kuala Selangor, Mohamed Amzin Ali is the leading challenger for Mohd Rafizi Ramli in the contest for the deputy president post of the party in 5 divisions.

Hassan Yusof, the Selangor PKR coordinator have said that Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali, the Economic Affairs Minister have obtained support from every division namely Ampang, Tanjong Karang, Hulu Langat, Shah Alam, and Pandan. With the recent polls, the collected votes that has been secured by Mohamed Azmin has been 18,453 votes while Mohd Rafizi who is also the vice president of PKR have secured 15,045 votes.

Previously, the division election in Kuala Selangor that should have taken place today had been postponed because of the absence of telecommunication signals at voting center of Kuala Selangor Indoor Stadium. It has later been confirmed by the police that the discovery of the telecommunication signal that jams the device at one section of the seating area by MDKS or Kuala Selangor District Council employee when the cleaning takes place.

In the 1st and the 2nd phase of the party election of Selangor, Mohamed Azmin had secured support from ten divisions such as Sungai Besar, Sabak Bernam, Serdang, Subang, Gombak, Kota Raja, Petaling Jata Utara, Sepang, and Pj Selatan while Mohd Rafizi secured support from 6 divisions, Kelana Jaya, Hulu Selangor, Klang, Kapar, Selayang, and Puchong.

Selangor is known to have 249,850 voting members.  This is known to be the highest among all the states. In this respect, the defeat of Rafizi to Azmin in the battle for the deputy president post in the area that he has a strong hold over had been pretty shocking for the former MP for Pandan but he has managed to win the post of division head after they had defeated 3 challengers.


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