The showdown in PKR in between Rafizi Ramli and Mohamed Azmin Ali for the number 2 post is known to continue in Selangor with Azmin Ali leading in 6 out of 9 divisions that today for choosing the party leaders.

Wong Chen of PKR who have aligned to Rafizi has stated that the results were okay since Selangor was the stronghold of Azmin.  Another thirteen divisions in the state are going to vote in the coming week.

Today, Azmin has received 9,337 votes in comparison to 8,563 votes of Rafizi. Both the leaders is locked in a close battle for the post of the deputy president. Rafizi is known to have his own estimate which stated that he received 19,160 votes against 19,112 votes of Azmin, winning 4 out of 6 states that have been to the polls so far.

Rashid Din, the chairman of the PKR election committee has said that the results which have been cited by the candidates weren’t official and can be audited by the party.


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