Datuk Seri Azmin Ali wants Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission to find out the mastermind in alleged membership irregularities and money politics in PKR election. This incumbent deputy president has claimed and questions several people regarding the matter.

He says that MACC needs to continue with the investigation not just to trace the people who are involved but also the ones who acts as the mastermind.  The mastermind also needs to be brought to justice.

With more 1,000 people present, the dinner was the show of support for the bid of Azmin to defend his position against Ramizi Ramli.  It has been reported that MACC officers have interviewed several witnesses on allegations of money politics with a sudden rise in membership in Julau PKR. Vernon Kedit, the Sarawak PKR information chief have cast a suspicion on the membership of more than 1,000 people in Sarikei and Julau branches in the statutory declaration which is dated 17th October and lodged MACC report regarding the issue on 25th October.

Azmin have called on the members of PKR in Sarawak to reject this corruption, money, nepotism, risk, and politics destroying the party. He said that the party had been developed in principles of reform not for the families or individuals but for the people. He has also urged the members of Sarawak to turn out in huge numbers this weekend for the final leg of party polls. He said that he believes that this weekend they are going to create history and also show people it is not possible to buy Sarawak with towkeys.


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