Azmin Ali seems to have a strong footing for defending his position as the PKR deputy president just after he has been successful in thwarting Rafizi Ramli in Sabah, the critical state as per the unofficial result.

The unofficial result in 24 out of 25 divisions of Sabah has shown that Azmin has obtained 10,469 votes 8,882 votes. Thus, the overall national tally that includes the unofficial results from Sabah to  60,093 votes for Azmin and 56,796 for Rafizi shows that he is leading by 3,297 votes.

Sabah is known to have in a problematic state for Rafizi as he was to have realistic chance of unsettling Azmin as the PKR deputy president. Rafizi had campaigned hard in Sabah but it seems like Azmin has been successful in holding his own ground. Sabah voted for over two days. Last day, 12 divisions went to the polls but the unofficial results had only been available for 11 divisions because of the issues of Keningau divisions. Azmin had managed to secure 5,115 votes to 4,770 votes of Rafizi.

In the second voting round, Azmin had managed to secure 5,354 votes to 4,112 votes of Rafizi. It is from today’s voting that Azmin expected to win Kudat, Putatan, Kota Belud, Tenom, Beluram, Silam, Kinabatangan, Papar, and Ranau.

In the meantime, Rafizi expects to win Penampang, Pensiangan, Kimanis, and Semporna. The PKR election committee is going to release the interim results later on. Sabah consists of 18% of the total membership of PKR which is the second largest after Selangor.

With the conclusion of Sabah, other than Keningau that result is still in limbo only after 9% of the voters are left. Sarawak is supposed to go to the polls next weekend along with Malacca where there is going to be a re-poll.  60,093 votes


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