Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali, PKR deputy president, said that he is ready and very eager to work with Rafizi Ramli together for the future of the party. He declared the statement on the heels of one of the most disruptive party polls or elections even in the history of PKR. The election procedure was spoiled with some of the allegations that were made like the allegations of corruption, intimidation, and buying of vote. The faction for Azmin has been engaged in a bitter dispute against the own allies of Rafizi during the election process of the PKR party.

The deputy president for the PKR party strongly said that he believes Rafizi has a major role to play in the party because he is considered to be one of the pioneer members of the party. The deputy president also mentioned that his dear friend, Rafizi Ramli, definitely has a role within the party as he is serving for the party for many years now. Azmin said at the opening ceremony of the PKR Women and Youth wing congress that he is willing to work with him together for making the party stronger and also for the preparation for the PRU 15. The top party leadership will discuss the position of Rafizi within the party as the contribution of every member is required so that they can move forward in a smooth way in the future.

He said that he needs the contribution of every single member of the party and their participation too which includes Rafizi and many members and leaders of the party to strengthen in the near future. According to Azmin, Rafizi has the strength and they will have a discussion about his contribution and participation. He also has a good understanding of the struggle as he has contributed a lot to PKR.


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