Deputy President Seri Azmin Ali announced that PKR’s political bureau has acceded to investigate all allegations of money politics that has been lodged by party members. Azmin informed reporters on 17th October (Wednesday) that they have discussed on the matter that the party poll process should be done in an explicit manner.

Azmin Ali forewarned party members who are contending for top posts within the party not to get involved in money politics or in the abuse of power. He added that the party’s endeavor should be on launching reforms for the country and declining money politics or the misuse of power.  Azmin indirectly voiced his concern over allegations of party members using huge amount of money in order to win elections.

He even urged young leaders to follow veterans of the party who didn’t depend on money politics for winning election; rather the veterans fought for their post. He even added that young leaders should try to learn from their senior leaders about their battle for the rakyat without misusing their post.  Azmin’s comment came in response to the allegations made by the PKR Vice-President Rafizi Ramli .

Azmin indirectly hinted towards his contender Ramli for spending huge amount of money to consultation agencies so that the agencies can promote Ramli in positive light and win the election.


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