The Government is going to ensure the development of the country is inclusive so that it is going to benefits the Malaysians as said by Datul Seri Azmin Ali, the Economic Affairs Minister. Before the Mid-Term Review of the document of Eleventh Malaysia Plan, Azmin stated that it can be achieved just by balancing the economic growth with the requirement to strengthen the finances of the country.

This means that the high-impact projects of socio-economic development is going to keep on improving the well-being of rakyat. Moreover, the existing development gaps in between states is going to be narrowed by providing greater emphasis to the states which are less developed, especially Terengganu, Kedah, Sabah, Sarawak, Perlis, and Kelantan for ensuring a more balances regional growth.

He has also said that more measures are going to be taken for raising the income and buying the power of rakyat, particularly the bottom forty percent for the household income group.
According the mid-term review, Azmin has outlines six pillars for supporting the inclusive and the sustainable development. These are,

1.For enhancing the inclusive development and also the well-being of rakyat.
2.For reforming the governance towards bigger transparency and enhancing the efficiency of governmental services.
3.For getting a balanced regional development.
4.For empowering human capital
5.For laying the foundation for strengthening the economic growth throughout the various economic sectors.
6. Improving the environmental sustainability with the help of green growth.

Azmin have requested the private sectors and also the people that they need to work with the government for ensuring the successful implementation of the new emphases and priorities in the rest of the plan period.
He has said that the new government is going to assure that the fruits of development are going to be enjoyed by all.


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