The government is thought to be strengthening the spirit of the NEP or the New Economic Policy with some of the new policies that are have more strategies and are in line with the requirements which are presently needed by the country. Economic Affairs Minister, Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali, assured that along with the strengthening the government will also take care of the people. The government will also see that the economic distribution between the people is done in fair manner to all the segments of the society of Malaysia depending on their respective needs. The socio-economic development of the Bumiputera and Malays will always remain the most important agenda for them as part of the steps to review the basic primary policies of country by the government.

The affirmative action will be continued to be taken by the government regarding this matter particularly for the development of the potential of Bumiputera to increase the participation in the economy of the nation and hence achieve the main aim of the distribution of the wealth equally.

According to Azmin, the New Economic Policy (NEP) focuses on two major agendas, one is the abolition of poverty irrespective of race, and second, to reorganize the society which will ultimately decrease the economic gap. The spirit of NEP will continue under the policies which came afterwards like the National Development Policy, New Economic Model, and the National Vision Policy, in efforts to fulfill the target of national unity and socio-economic equity.

The government of Malaysia also regard that the implementations of the spirit and policy of NEP will always remain relevant and it will also help to strengthen all the new policies which are more strategic and suitable to cater the present needs.


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