A study being performed on if the East Coast Railway Line project should progress is going to be completed in near future as stated by Mohamed Azmin Ali, the Economic Affairs Minister.  He said that the Cabinet has discussed the project in a brief manner and Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad had asked for some more time in order to check the suitability of ECRL.

In the ECRL project, you need to see if the project will be able to create a value and be beneficial to the people who are present in the highly-trying economic situation. He said this after he attended the meeting with PKR leaders of Kelantan state. Azmin said that the implementation of the project hadn’t been transparent. One great example is the quantum that had been paid out even though the project had not started.

Over RM20 billion had been paid out when there had been minimum progress and this is something that has to be investigated.  The last Barisan Nasional government had announced that the East Coast Railway Line project which links Kelantan-Terengganu-Pahang with Port Klang is going to cost RM55 billion.

In regards to the PKR election at the divisional and central levels for 2018-2021 terms, Azmin, who had been defending the post of deputy president, have reminded the delegates not to be involved the corrupt practices to choose leaders.

Albeit, he had no proof that such practices are taking place, other than information being passed on in certain groups, he said that strict action is going to be taken against the group that was involved with such activities. He says that they aim to build a healthy and clean party with ethical and noble values. Azmin is being challenged for the post by the previous Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli.


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