Claims have been made by Datuk Seri Azmin Ali that his lead over his rival in the race for the post of deputy president for PKR would have been bigger and higher if the traces for missing votes have been made by the election committee of the party in various states. He also wants to investigate the corruption claims in the party polls because expectations are that they will see only 30% of the total number of voters. Azmin, who is also the Economic Affairs Minister, stated that a transparent and open investigation must be made on the matter on the basis of the claims made by him. In fact, several members and party leaders have also made claims on which the investigation may depend on. The leaders and members of the party include the president-elect Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

It was also hoped by Azmin that the process of voting for Sarawak and Sabah will go on smoothly after a controversial run in the peninsula was done that claimed that some number of votes have gone missing in states like Selangor, Melaka, and Negri Sembilan. More than 1100 votes went missing in Ampang and in Azmin’s division almost 800 votes went missing. During the closing speech at the Anti-Corruption Summit 2018, Azmin said if the vote was done in an open manner then the margin would have been much higher than what has been the result. It is a matter which needs to be investigated. All the members and the party leaders should be involved in the investigation because they have their own statements regarding the vote process.

He had started before that the Central Election Committee cannot get influenced or pressurized by any political leader. It needs to take action against the matter of investigation as an independent body. The reason is to make the polls conduct the voting process with integrity, transparency, and equality.


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