Mohamed Azmin Ali, the PKR Deputy President, has demanded to explain the election committee of the party about more than hundreds votes which he thinks to have gone missing during the ongoing process of the e-voting. Azmin, who is now the economic affairs minister, stated that about 1100 votes have gone missing in Ampang alone and in his division almost 800 votes were missing. According to the unofficial results, it is seen that Azmin got much more votes than his rival in Selangor for the post of Deputy President.

He was more confident about the fact that he will win for the post with a bigger margin if the votes are counted in an open manner. The margin will also be much higher than the one which he has already secured earlier. But he also wants the election committee of the party to investigate the matter of the missing votes and decide the result. The process of the PKR voting have known to be burdened with different kinds of problems like technical glitches and overcrowding of the polling centers which began in the previous month. Azmin assured that adequate facilities have been provided for the voters so that they can cast their vote in a smooth voting process.

Mohamed Azmin Ali stated that he believes in the wisdom of the party members as they have seen him in action. He also believes that the members of the party will continue to support him for his leadership quality and help to strengthen the party in the future. He also said that the election committee should not accept any kind of pressure from leaders of the party and every complaints made by the members must be investigated to find out the missing votes.


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