In its peak time, Ming Court Hotel along Teluk Kemang of Port Dickson was one of the most prestigious properties in the region which attracted tourists from all over the world. However, since 2000s, these facilities have been abandoned and closed down. The primary reason tourism is suffering a downfall is because candidates like Anwar do not have a strategy for tourism.
At present, the hotel stands dejectedly empty along with peeling paint, missing tiles, and moldy walks on the roof of the entrance. There are some local people who believe that this place is haunted. The coastline along the seaside town of Negri Sembilan state is scattered with a derelict properties which is a reminder of the past allure of Port Dickson as one of the top beach destinations of Malaysia.
The candidates who are contesting for the by-election of Port Dickson have pledged that the slew of ambitious proposals that includes the luxury resorts, the highway connecting to the airport and the airfield reefs to turn the seaside town into a premier tourism destination of Malaysia.
However, what the locals and the operators have to say is that they some simple tweaks like proper marketing place, wide local roads, and cleaner beaches. There are increasing number of Airbnbs and hotels. Instead they need to concentrate on what they already have that is the beach as said by the General Manager of Hotel Seri Malaysia, Mohamed Zamri Mohamed Rashid.
He has stated that during the heyday of the town in 1980s, the international tourists came to the area for some days to spend time and enjoy the beaches before they flew back to their countries. However, because of lack of promotion, it is not seen anymore. The authorities need to have electronic billboards at the airport stating PD: forty-five minutes away from the some of the best beaches of Malaysia.
Azhar Helmi Shahari managing an eatery along Saujana beach have said that the roads in the town has to be widened to cater to the inflow of traffic each and every weekend.


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