After the second phase of election of PKR in Selangor experienced a tense situation erupt in many branches after the incidents of commotion which took place amongst the candidates who have been contesting.  It is through the election that many branches in Selangor have seen the fraud incident that led to determined voting process. This makes Azmin garner more votes than Azmin.

Irrespective of the improvement which has been made by the former Party Election Committee, the tense situation among the supporters is pretty inevitable after the weaknesses in management in affected branches. Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali, the PKR deputy president have admitted that the late issue of this late-vote center because of the problem of the e-voting system is going to form a wrong impression in the election process of the party.

As a matter of fact, Azmin has also urged the Party Election Committee to work on the system for making sure that the election of the party proceeds in a smooth manner without any kind of problems. Apart from opening the ballot center, there are many incidents which take place in many branches of Selangor that comprises the issue of ghostly and military issues, congestion at the polling centers, water paper issues, and also misunderstanding in between the supporters.

Moreover, the second phase of the polls in the state shows that Azmin who was once ahead of his rival, Rafizi Ramli is in the 2nd highest position in the party. Through the unofficial result which is updated on the website of PKR polls have seen Azmin acquire 4,798 votes when Rafizi won 4,385 votes having a majority of 593 votes.

As for the 1st and 2nd phase of the polls, Azmin had been recorded ahead of Rafizi with 1,367 more votes. So far, Azmin is leading in 10 branches in Selangor when Rafizi in just 6 branches.


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