Badminton expert Lee Chong Wei is experiencing a promising recovery from his treatment in Taiwan for nose cancer.  Badminton Association of Malaysia president, Norza Zakaria said that the former world number one has been counting his treatment and is not going to return home any time soon.

He has told AFP that Lee is recovering positively from the cancer treatment in Taiwan and he is going to stay there and continue with the treatment. Lee is going to come back when he is done with the treatment.

Norza has said he is in close communication with Lee and has rebuked the new reports which say that the former world number one is going to return to Malaysia this Sunday. Sports official familiar with this situation have stated that Lee is undergoing proton therapy. In this method, cancer will be targeted with the beam of protons.

Last month, BAM has announced that Lee is suffering a respiratory related problem and was pulling out of Asian Games and World Championship. Lee is known to be one of the top sports stars of Malaysia as he has curved out a long run of success at the highest level of badminton, irrespective of his oft-lamented failure to win the title at Olympics.

At present, he ranks 5th in the world after he fights his way back to limelight following the return from doping ban in the year 2015. Lee is known to have tested positive for the anti-inflammatory drug at World Championship of 2014 an incident that many feared is going to put an end to his career.


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