COACH B. Satiananthan expects that when the Red Giants resume training on a non-contact basis soon, it will feel like a “homecoming party.” After the M-League was suspended on March 16, all teams will be allowed to step onto a football pitch for the first time since June 15. But certain teams may encounter a pause as they plan to implement the standard operating procedure ( SOP) comprehensively.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Super League and the Premier League were suspended for 12 weeks but FAM hope the season can still be played to a close this year. The M-League ‘s lower levels, like the M3, is discontinued.

Football fans may presume that in football, non-contact preparation is a modern phenomenon except for Selangor coach B. This is not fresh, Satiananthan. Since, every year at the start of the pre-season, players go through non-contact training so it’s not anything new.

In reality, some of the best players in the world, including Cristiano Ronaldo, practice their skills and fitness on their own before meeting teammates in action.

As such, non-contact training could enhance M-League quality. After moving to non-contact practices, footballers would have to follow the standard operating procedure ( SOP), with at least three meters of physical space.

As preparation restarts, agility, running, shooting and simple tactical practice should be the center of emphasis. Training at home in competitive sports by weight lifting and jogging is not enough. Players will be out on the floor.

The non-contact preparation is a good change, despite more than two months away from the training field. Satiananthan said the Red Giants should not have trouble following the SOP as they have two fields of training at Shah Alam.

However, when closer to the league restart date, the former national coach warned that non-contact training won’t work for the teams.

The next stage after non-contact training is full-contact training which is the second stage of football training. Progressing through stage two is important to completely plan for the start to professional football fixtures.

Close-contact preparation is required to mimic similar configurations and environments in order to impose sport-specific demands on the body, mind and senses. Players would need to initiate close-contact preparation that involves four to five friendly matches, at least 20 days until the league’s resumption date.

Satiananthan said about how quarantine-based preparation will operate in the M-League: Some teams do not have a budget for such a system. Teams would have to incur extra expenses.

In addition, this method may affect players, as they are not allowed to have close contact with their families and friends.


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