ASEAN and china should go in for collaboration closely to ensure that the Belt and Road Initiative or the BRI is successful. Chairman of the CIMB Asean Research Institute, Tan Sri Dr Munir Majid, gave stress on the view during the panel discussion after a joint report was launched by the LSE IDEAS and CARI. It was also mentioned in the report that the launch of the BRI of China and Southeast Asia was done by the Minister of Economic Affairs, Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali which is considered to achieve the highest level of success.

This collaboration should also be a part of the ASEAN-China Strategic Partnership Vision 2030 for ensuring the success and also to address twists in the roll-out of BRI which have become evident. Execution, expert and professional project terms, and objective will foresee the problems and try to resolve it which should not be allowed to perforate into the visions of BRI. The potential for connectivity from the BRI cannot be matched with any other in the human history. Five guiding principles which were observed which can be improved with the help of BRI are digital innovation, sustainable infrastructure, people mobility, regulatory excellence, and seamless logistics.

ASEAN should also be encouraged for the development of such a strategy which includes all the principles that can be done with the help of the Belt and Road Initiative. In fact, it is also important for all the individual member states of the ASEAN to have a stronger leadership quality, protect their sovereignty while pursuing with the economical benefits and adopt some effective regulatory mechanism and processes.  It must also try to recognize the importance of china regarding the global and regional growth. The countries that are participating in the BRI must also try to conceptualize their projects by specific strategy to ensure that they are getting all the needs and affordability to get benefit for both the parties from the massive number opportunities which the BRI offers them.


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