Abdullah Sani Abdul Hamid, the Kapar MP of PKR who has previously accused Daim Zainuddin complaining against Anwar Ibrahim is known to have lost his post as the Kapar division chief. Abudullah is aligned to Rafizi to conspire against Anwar. He has made the bid of replacing Mohamed Azmin Ali as deputy president. However, he has lost to Dr Daroyah Alwi, the Sementa assemblyman who is the state exco member. Daroyah has secured the maximum number of votes among 5 candidates while Abdullah have secured the third place.

Irrespective of the defeat of Abdullah, division members have given their votes to Rafizi for the post of the president. Rafizi has managed to secure 1,980 votes in Kapar when Azmin just received 1,505 in the 1st round of the elections of PKR in Selangor that involved 9 divisions.

Abdullah is known to have angered PPBM with the speech which he made supporting Rafizi. In this speech he named Daim as the one who is trying to stop Anwar from being the next prime minister as agreed upon a deal that was made among the parties of Pakatan Harapan.  Abdullah is known to have apologized to Dr Mahathir Mohamadm, the PKR Chairmon over his remarks.


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