It has been decided by Malaysia that they will abolish the death penalty for 32 offences that are under eight acts of law that includes Section 302 of the Penal Code on murder.

The decision taken by the country was declared by the Minister in the department of Prime Minister, Liew Vui Keong. He also added to the statement that the decision has been taken collectively that covers the Firearms Act 1971, Kidnapping Act 1961, Firearms Act 1960, Water Services Industries Act 2006, Armed Forces Act 1972, Dangerous Drugs Act 1952, and the Strategic Trade Act 2010.

Liew Vui Keong also said that a cabinet memorandum have been circulated to the relevant ministries following the cabinet decision for their comments and also to get feedback from public too on the issue. He also told the House that the Bill on the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission was expected to be tabled at the sitting which will be happening next of the Parliament after all the issues and policies have been finalized by them. He is also of the thought that the IPCMC will be truly independent and effective entity and that have been agreed by the Parliament. They will also have the power to tackle all the problems that involve police force.

The framework of the policy will take into consideration the powers that are more integrated and are in line with all the existing laws and which are currently in force. The government had announced that the IPCMC will be set up so that they replace the Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission.

Liew Vui Keong, Minister at the department of the Prime Minister also said in reply to Dr Kelvin Yii Lee, a member of the Parliament, who wanted to get the answer on the position of the government on abolishing the death penalty and whether any exceptions are there for cruel crimes  that are extreme.


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