Dr Lee Boon Chye, the Deputy Health Minister has said that a ban against smoking in eateries and the public places is not going to be extended to vaping.  He has stated that under the present law, the authorities will only be able to take action on the vaping products which contain nicotine.

He has said that the vape which has nicotine is going to be considered illegal. However, when it comes to the question of vaping non-nicotine products is whether it is an offense ort not  and it can be said that at the moment there isn’t any law against it as said at Aeon Klebang.

It is illegal to sell unauthorized nicotine since nicotine is under the Drug Act. It is possible to take action on the premises which provide vaping services along with nicotine.  However, if action is to be taken against non-nicotine products, there is no law to enforce it.

Dr. Lee has stated that the government plans to formulate a new law which can control vaping. They now focus on legislating tobacco control and also smoking activities. When the legislation is approved, there might be a way to regulate vaping activities, too.  On last Friday, an announcement had been made by Dr. Lee that the government is going to ban smoking in all the eateries throughout Malaysia from next year which include the open-air outlets.

Dr. Lee has declared that action is going to be taken under the Control of Tobacco Product Regulations 2004. This is to be taken against the smokers and the restaurant owners who are actually flouting the new ruling.  Eateries which allow the customers to smoke irrespective of the ban is going to be fined RM2,500 while the people who smoke at the prohibited places is going to face a maximum two years of jail or a fine of RM2,500.


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