The present Vice President, Dr Xavier Jayakumar Arulanandammy is taking his own time to talk and have a meeting with the leaders of the proletariat class of the country days before the PKR members start to cast their vote for the post of deputy president in the ongoing election of the party. Dr Xavier, who is defending the post of vice president, stated that the party is now campaigning in Sarawak and Sabah after the party election ended in Peninsular Malaysia. The members of the Sabah PKR will be casting their votes at the beginning and then the members in Sarawak will be casting their votes.

The implementation of the e-voting was made in the Peninsular Malaysia and kind of glitches was also found in a few areas but all have been resolved now. The current vice president added he cannot give any prediction for problems particularly in Sabah because PKR have the responsibility to ensure that enough manpower have been assigned for the voting process. He aspires for the party and he also suggests the members to see the mission and the vision of the party. These points are very much important to make the whole country move forward to gain respect from others and become the most powerful of that region. The mission and the vision of the party must be remembered by the members also because the country needs to be recognized as fair and just.

Reforms are being made to implement some new kind of laws for the country. Whoever party wins the election must ensure that the draconian laws are removed like the Sedition Act, the Printing Press and Publication Act, and the AKU for Parliament that are holding back the citizens of Malaysia. Death penalty in Malaysia will also be abolished and human rights issues will be seen by the leaders. Al the changes will be made, slowly and steadily.


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