The leadership team of the PKR Sarawak has decided to travel to the interiors of the state for explaining the e-voting system to the grassroots members. The e-voting system will be used in the state level elections for the party and so it is important for the members to have the knowledge of the system fully. The deputy chairman of the State PKR election committee stated that the party in Sarawak will abide by the decision which has been given by the central leadership to continue the use of e-voting system, though many people have made certain questions on the benefits of using the system.

The use of the e-voting system is one of the reasons the election committee of the state party leadership have taken the decision of travelling to the interiors of the state to explain the grassroots in a better way about the system. It is important for the party members to ensure that everything is run smoothly along with the new system of voting too. all the committee members at the branch levels have been given the orders to provide with the details of the briefings that have been done on the newly launched voting system that is being used for the first time for any election process. The primary focus of the briefing which was given to be sure that the voters from the rural areas who are not much aware of the information technology can grip the procedure by which they can cast their votes.

Necessary preparations have all been taken by the election committee so that they can face the election procedure in a hassle free manner. Some problems were being faced by the states of Melaka and Selangor, but everything has been sorted. It is also hoped by them that no problem arises in Sarawak during the process of voting. The internet is also thought to be working properly during the process like in some states.


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