Azhar Harun, the Election Commission Chairman have confirmed that Anwar Ibrahim, the leader of PKR’s, eligibility to contest in the by-election of Port Dickson on 13th October. They accepted the nomination of Anwar on the basis of the pardon which has been granted by Agong. He also mentioned that EC has been aware of the legal action in the matter but it had been up to the judges to take a decision.

EC Chief read reports that independent candidate Stevie Chan lodged a police report on alleged election offenses committed by Anwar Ibrahim. He said it’s within Stevie’s right to do so. EC will leave probe to police.

The court will hear an application to strike out a challenge to Anwar Ibrahim’s eligibility to contest in Port Dickson on November 8 (after the by-election). According to his lawyer, the AGC has also argued that this should be handled via election petition.

Azhar Harun says that he cannot preempt this by telling what they want to do in case the judges decide on some other way. As it is, Anwar is the candidate and he is also running for by-election. Azhar had been responding to the questions related to the PAK allegation which Anwar was eligible to contest in Port Dickson.

Takiyuddin Hassan, PAS secretary-general had repeated the claim and said that PKR president-elect had only been offered full-pardon and not free-pardon. The Islamic party hopes to have a court ruling which the candidate with second highest vote is going to be the MO in case Anwar is disqualified.

It had been reported previously that they had reported an ongoing motion had been filed by the registered voter at the High Court of Kuala Lumpur, with a decision to be made. Azhar said was to be fixed for case management at the court of Kuala Lumpur. When they had been asked to comment on the response of Anwar to EC and also Bersih, the electoral watchdog 2.0 over the offenses of election which includes the assets of the government, Azhar mentioned that he stood by the statement. As he mentioned these issues hadn’t been touched on by EC and we do not have any kind of personal knowledge about that. It is necessary to make statements on those things.


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