The Election Commission of Malaysia is going to exhibit 32,163 names of the registered voters with all non-active status identity cards in the NRD or National Registration Department records for the last few years till 12th November. Azhar Azizan Harun, the EC chairman gave a statement that the names will need confirmation by the voters, next-of-kin who knew the voters for updating the electoral roll.

As per him, people who had the information had been intended to verify of the status of the registered voters who are listed had been advised to go to any of the state election office for filling out the Voter Registration Review Feedback form.

This is a confirmation on the voter who has died, the informer has to take make a sworn declaration that is accompanied by the feedback form. The feedback can be submitted until 31st December. Moreover, on the same date, EC is also going to display the Third Quarter of the Supplementary Electoral Roll of 2018.

Azhar Azizah has said that during the period of registration. , the EC received 15,933 new voters registration application from all eligible citizens and 7,044 applicable for the change of the electoral divisions for all registered voters.

He mentioned that the applicants had been advised to check the names in DPT ST3/2018, and in case the names aren’t listed, they can make application through Form B. For the registered voters who want to protest the entry of anyone’s name in DPT ST3/2018, they will be able to do so by completing Form C.

Azhar Azizan has mentioned that DPT ST3/2018 exhibition period, EC is going to show the names of the voters who have died or has lost their citizenship status in order to be taken out of the electoral role. Any kind of enquiry regarding the electoral role verification, review, and DPT ST3/2018 could contact the EC headquarters or get in touch with any sales office. The applicant needs to visit the EC portal to check on the list of names which have been displayed.


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