The Malaysian government is going to put $2.4 million in the esport scent of the country in 2019. This is a surprising move which has made at two prominent figures from the games industry to match up to the investment.

The investment of RM10 million is a part of the annual budget of the government for next year which Syed Saddiq, the national minister of Youth and Sports has detailed out. The government is going to work on the Malaysia Digital Economy Cooperation on esports initiative. The details of this are going to be reveled later on. The fact had been recognized by the CEO of Razer, Min Liang Tan that is headquartered in Singapore at the Malaysian peninsular foot.  In response to Syed Saddiq, he has praised the Malaysian government for the increasingly progressive budget which is focusing on millennial and youth.

In the light of that he is also going to invest for esports in Malaysia in the year 2019. He wants to take esports to the next level.  The pledge of investment have led to another from Clement Hui who is the founder of M* Gaming of Malaysian esports team.  Hui is also known to operate The Pantheon, the first of the country that is dedicated to the esports arena and he was committed to invest RM10 million for opening 3 month to arenas of Pantheon. They aim to make 2019 the rise of Malaysian esports scene that offers the best platform for the esports enthusiasts to rising upward with a great experience.


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