Chandra Muzaffar, the political scientist has suggested that PKR should appoint an independent panel for reviewing the internal elections and also to recommend fresh polls in case it is warranted.  Being the former deputy president of PKR, he talked about the credibility of the ongoing polls and that it is doubt following the claims of sabotage, general disorder, and phantom voting at many divisions of the party.

Chandra said that even though e-voting is an innovative technique and it encourages the members to participate in this voting process, there are some weaknesses that have to be looked into.  The independent panel will recommend that the election to be held again either in the entire country or problem states. According to him, the new election can wait till the present process is over since it might be pretty difficult to apply the break.

The election is expected to be completed within the middle of next month. He commented on the reported disturbances at the Kedah polls only last month and they claim the fraud of Damansara.  There have been questions regarding the integrity of the polls in Negeri Sembilan and Melaka. Tian Chua, the PKR vice-president has called out for the audit of the election in 2 southern states.

Kamarul Zaman Yusoff, the political analyst has states that he is disappointed that PKR being demanded for an independent observation of the general election and hadn’t thought about the same for their own polls.  Bersih and many other civic groups and foreign observers could have been called in.

He has stated that Anwar Ibrahim has been wrong in downplaying the weakness of the polling process. Moreover, he said that it was generally satisfactory even though there was some issue with the biometric system.  Kamarul said that it is not a small thing and videos of disorderly conduct are known to have gone viral throughout social media. This is not good for PKR. PKR leaders have to make sure that there is democracy within the party and the election problem doesn’t grow into a bigger image.


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