Mohamed Azmin Ali, the former Selangor menteri besar have joked that he is jealous of his successor Aminudin Shari for being a significant part of the financially strong state. He says that he is jealous of Aminudin because of the several successes in Selangor that he has shared. He adds that even though Selangor has seen much success, things have not been as easy as Mohamed Azmin Ali 

When Mohamed Azmin who had is the economic affairs minister in the Cabinet of Dr. Mahathir Mohamed reached Putrajaya, he discovered that the coffers were empty. They were saddle with the debt close to RM1 trillion. It leaves a question of how it is going to manage the economy of the country today.

Around 200 people had been present at the talk which includes the Anwar Ibrahim, the incoming PKR president and Aminudin. Azmin has also made a joke that there have been times when he felt like returning back to Selangor. He said that maybe a week later he is going to talk to Anwar only if Aminudin agrees. On a serious note, he has said that the economic situation of the country is a challenge which has to be faced together.

This is the reason the return of Anwar to the Port Dickson MP to the Parliament is a motivation for the leadership and he has decided to work together in order to make Malaysia Asia’s tiger.

Azmin states that the Pakatan Harapan government had been committed to total reforms for simulating a sustainable and strong economy for restoring the image of Malaysia in the eyes of other nations. He has expressed his gratitude for the repeated yuse of the Reformasi term by Mahathir while tabling the mid-term review of eleventh Malaysian Plan in the parliament declaring the commitment of the government for fulfilling the aspirations of the people.


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