The previous speechwriter of Anwar Ibrahim who had been stunned by the nation with some grim details of how he had been tortured and then forced to confess sodomy has issued the cryptic warning regarding the PKR leader when he spoke about the contrasting treatment which was given to Anwar who is on power threshold following the royal pardon and him.
He says that if Anwar Ibrahim was able to sought and get pardon for the political expediency, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he should emulate the same example. If he feels at peace with his own conscience just by admitting to his guilt for the sake of pardon then so be it, as said by Dr. Munawar Anees.
Anwar is of several misconducts. Anwar had been quite vindictive towards his friends, as well as foes. It has become his habit to oppose since he started being active in UMNO in the year 1982.

He uses the divide and rule strategy in order to remain in power in UMNO and also the government.
Apart from sodomy, he is also known have eloped with a younger woman and to wed her in Thailand. He didn’t approval from Wan Ismail, the father of Azizah until Wan Ismail took out his pistol for chasing him away from entering his house. However, Anwar’s mother took the initiative to wed Azizah and Anwar. He has also got involved in a sex scandal with another man’s wife. This was the wife of Mohamad Azmin Bin Ali, the wife of his personal secretary.
This is the reason Dr. Munawar Anees says that his conscience is not for sale as he recalled the day after the dramatic sacking of Anwar in 1998, September by Mahathir Mohamad when he was handcuffed and then whisked away by dozens of men who had come to their house in Petaling Jaya and arrested him under Internal Security Act.


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