In more than two months, Farah Ann Abdul Hadi (pic) has not gone to her second house: Gymnasium Three at the National Sports Council in Bukit Jalil.

The 26-year-old is planning to return home early to a position where she practices with her colleagues nearly four hours a day until Covid’s pandemic disrupted the routine.

She shared that training remains at home for the moment, unless the proposal of the Ministry of Youth and Sport for athletes who qualified for the Tokyo Olympics to practice at the gym in the first week of June following the Hari Raya celebrations is accepted.

She gladly shared that knowing as an athlete, She’s really eager to get back to fitness, since it’s been a long time since I was in the gym,

Farah added that there’s a lot to remember until we get back to work. She hope things go back to normal so that they can practice again at the gym. She stressed working alongside her teammates to improve camaraderie and that everyone concerned is trying to work out a way for them to prepare together.

The health of everyone is important. So they are trying their best to insure that they are both secure and happy right now. She added that they are giving her training guidelines.

Morever, The Covid-19 epidemic saw a variety of athletic events delayed or withdrawn, and even prompted Farah to delay its Olympic plans for a year. She became emotionally disturbed after it was revealed that the Olympics will be delayed (July 23-Aug 8 2021), but she sought strategies to hold herself cool.

Farah on the other hand shared that she was disappointed at first, but now she know that she have more time to practice, more time to work on her latest abilities and aim for improved results next year. So this line of thinking has offered her a optimistic perspective. 

Recently, she had a live Instagram session with Nicol David so shared every moment with the world ‘s latest number one squash player. She shared that Nicol is a good friend of her and that she’s extremely fortunate to have an online chat

Farah even more added that she’s a great inspiration. We can see that amidst the pandemic virus, being connected is really important to ease the worries of unprecedented times. 


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