Three local women is known to have broken the traditional gender stereotypes as they pursued their dreams to be the first batch of female pilots working with Malaysia Airlines. Nur Waie Hidayah Mohamad Rasidin, Pearl Wendy Mak, and Wang Wen Chien is known to have broken the norm as most of the women in aviation industry chose to work as the flight attendant.

As per the estimation of International Society of Women Pilot in the year 2017 out of 130,000 pilots in world only 3,000 had been female pilots. Captain Mak has been flying for 50 years have acknowledged that flying aircrafts isn’t an easy job for women. However, this is a new era where women are becoming a part of the sectors which had been the exclusively for men. She is known to have worked for about 7 airlines over the year prior to returning home.
Initially, Mak wanted to be an aircraft engineer. Thereafter, she thought of becoming a flight engineer. Nonetheless, when she was told that the role of the flight engineer was becoming obsolete, she chose to become a pilot.

Mak has stated that so long as you are doing your part, working as a team and forget that you are going to be treated in a different manner, you are not going to be seen as a women or man but simply as a pilot. She advises the ladies who want to take up the challenge in the aviation industry are that they need to understand and love aviation other than being motivated and disciplined. Study hard, read the books, and perfect your skills. In the end, you are eventually going to become the commander or get an upgrade to a bigger aircraft.
Captain Izham have mentioned that Malaysia Airlines is presently facing a shortage of pilots particularly for it narrow body fleet that have led to operational constraints. This is going to have an impact on the growth.


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