According to the HSBC Navigator Survey, about nine out of ten respondents in Malaysia are positive and cheerful on the outlook for the international trade which is significantly high than the average globally. From the findings of the survey, it can be known that most of the positive response followed the general boost to confidence after the victory of Pakatan Harapan party led by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in the Prime Minister election of the country.

Similar portion of respondents are confident that the company with which they are involved will be successful in the international trading environment currently going on along with the confidence of the consumers which is the primary factor behind the positive outlook that they have. According to the survey, it was also seen that the Respondents of Malaysia were also optimistic on the fact that the intra-Asian trade flows which is cited as markets by the respondents of Singapore, China, and Indonesia were the places they are looking to expand their business. More than 3 respondents of Malaysia consider that the foreign governments are now becoming more protective about their domestic firms. However, the firms do not appear to view the trade protectionism which is increasing as severe adverse implications for the prospects of their business till date.

It was also noted on the survey made by HSBC that the views which are related to the impact of the regulation were more conflicting and diverse too. it was also mentioned by HSBC that the country of Malaysia is continuing to get benefit from economic growth which has a broad base. In fact, the environment of the trade is also likely to become more challenging in the coming years amidst the demand of the Chinese export which have cooled down a little now. It was also found from the survey that the Belt and Road Initiative of China will also give a positive result for the business.


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