Parti Keadilan Rakyat central elections committee has detected a new trend where a higher number of votes are recorded for the selection of leadership at the division level in comparison to the votes for the central executive council members.  Ismail Yusop, the JPP secretary has said that the technical team had been studying the trend which has been detected in the last two weeks. Azmin has been in the leading position in the PKR Selangor polls.

He has said that the voters are likely to vote for the leaders in the respective divisions and for MPP, they are going to vote for the important posts as not all of them are aware of top leadership.  He stated this when he had been asked to comment on the claims that had been made by Nor Hizwan Ahmad, Selangor PKR communications bureau chief that 30% of the  votes had been missing from the e-voting system in the first phase of Kedah PKR election which was help in 10 divisions.

In a media statement issued, Nor Hizwan was quoted saying that irrespective of the assurance which had been given that the integrity of the voting procedure during the elections intact, the fiasco had been obvious  and it is surely going to jeopardize the democratic procedure in PKR.

Ismail has said that the claims of Nor Hizwan has been inaccurate and needs to refer to JPP first in order to find out the exact situation and not the blame the election system of the party.  He said that for him, the statement is not correct as if attacking the credibility of JPP. They admit that there are problems but they are trying to improve from time to time.  He stated that only Kuala Kedah has come across some problem during the state level election when less than 20 people had taken the barcodes but didn’t vote.


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