The reforms made by Malaysia have impressed the IMF or the International Monetary Fund and they are keen to understand more about them. It is a situation that is far-cry from the view that was seen for the agency that was based in Washington had 20 years earlier. It is an irony to know that Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad was the person who bore the impact on the international contempt towards Malaysia when he imposed control on capitals on the currency of the country, ringgit in the year 1998, September.

Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, who got elected as the Prime Minister for the seventh time, stated that IMF was always interested to know about the efforts of Pakatan Harapan to rehabilitate the country. A meeting held between the Prime Minister and managing director came to the conclusion that the IMF have asked for the help from Malaysia. It is also known that they have asked for the help from such a government that was once corrupt to one and that which introduced different kinds of reforms for the country. During the meeting, he tried to make her remind of the situation between the IMF and Malaysia that they had disagreements over their way of handling the financial crisis in the early 90s. According to sources, Prime Minister noted that acknowledgements have been made by the IMF regarding the ways of doing different things by Malaysia. They have also approved to be the best ways and approach too.

It was mentioned by the chief of IMF they will provide assistance to the country of Malaysia so that they can manage their debt, anti-money laundering, and fiscal measures as well. They have also noted that they will help out with Malaysia to train its civil servants.


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