Fans of Malaysian Super League say that the league has turned quite boring and predictable after the sixth consecutive victory of Johor Darul Ta’zim, fans describe the race to be a one horse race, however, the Chief Executive of Malaysian Super League, and Kevin Ramalingam has opposing remarks to such comments.  He does not consider the situation to be so.

The Chief Executive even pointed out the cases of Juventus and Bayern Munich who has dominated Serie A and the Bundesliga respectively. He said that Bayern Munich have been the champions for seven consecutive times and Juventus on the other hand won the Italian League for eight times consecutively.

He said that Joho’s performance and dominance should not be viewed negatively and it must not be done more because the team had set higher standards for the other teams to compete. He said that Juventus and Bayern were not bad team either and on the contrary, they had set high standards for the other teams and they were also the benchmark of their leagues.

He continued, saying that the Malaysian fans should instead focus on the positives of the team. Johor did not necessarily take away all the trophies in a particular year. This is not something bad and it instead set up higher standards for the other teams to put their aim.

He said that Johor had set up an example and most of the teams at the moment would want to follow it. Therefore, he said that it did not make sense for the Malaysian fans to say the league to turn boring, especially at a stage when the teams were representing the country at the international level. He said that such comments were unfair and were only possible to come from narrow minded people.


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