With time, more and more companies in Japan and Korea are eyeing in order to make Malaysia, the production hub of the South Asian Market as said by Darrell Leiking, the International Trade and Industry Minister.

When she spoke with Dewan Rakyat today, Leiking has said that the business promotion entourage which is government-led to the 2 countries on 14th-21st October has roped in prospective investment that is up to RM 2.9 billion.

He said that there is a lot of potential and many companies are focusing on the petrochemical, medical, and electronic and electrical equipment.  In Japan, they have secured potential investment of about RM 2.13 billion, especially in the sectors of logistics, petrochemicals, E&E, medical equipment, furniture, and home appliances.

The promotion is known to conduct business to business matching arrangement which might fetch an added RM33 millions investments in the country. For South Korea, the prospective investment include RM711.8 million in the industries of E&E, chemicals, and home appliances as said by Leiking by adding that the prospective investment through B2B matching with the nation through the recent entourage are valued a RM1 billion.

It is quite interesting that most of the companies that want to invest in Malaysia are large companies. They have the second largest foam producer in the world and also one of the leading manufacturers of heart stent mechanisms.

When it comes to Halal industry, Leiking has noted that the businesses in 2 nations have suggested that the digital commerce has to be strengthened regarding this. Companies in Korea and Japan have proposed on manufacturing the products here for utilizing the halal certification from Malaysia in order to market the products all across the world. It has already gone beyond food and cosmetic products.


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