A technical support team comprising of 25 IT graduates is created for the Johor Party Election for PKR on Sunday is going to be a smooth process. Dr. Adzman Hedra, the deputy chairman of PKR Central Election committee have stated that this is one of that steps that had been taken to work on the e-voting system which was being used for the first time. He says that they have noted down what has taken place in the elections of Penang and Kedah in the last week. This problem arose due to some human factor.

Dr. Adzman Hedra mentions that some of the offices had not been equipped with the system irrespective of the dry run which had been conducted. Thus, they are going to improve the system during the Johor election on 30th September.

Adzman has also said that there had been some error in data which resulted from the coding issue and they were unable to find out the names of the party members. Hence, the results couldn’t be counted. Nonetheless, the problem has been solved and he was confident that the polling process is going to progress smoothly in Johor and other states.

Anwar Ibrahim, PKR president-elect said that the e-ballot system is going to be used for the PKR election procedure with some improvements in the system. The e-ballot process that started in Penang and Kedah on 22nd September had been criticized by the party members who wished to abandon the system after the technical problems during the times of voting.


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